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Located in Old Town Scottsdale, the 1,350-square-foot private studio is decked out with top-of-the-line fitness equipment, and a dedicated training staff that helps clients achieve the fitness results they want.

Today, Live JACKED it has transformed into Scottsdale’s premier fitness and lifestyle guidance program for top local athletes, doctors, business executives, mothers, young professionals, active adults, competitors and many other Valley residents who want to take their fitness goals. We strive to make their goals a reality and do it with personalized attention to their needs. We offer personal training, golf performance classes, TRX, and free fitness assessments.

Owner, Michael Blake, has always had a lifestyle wrapped around physical fitness. He retired from the corporate world in March 2013, and by August 2014 his wife “was tired of me just playing golf and lifting weight,” he says.  It took Michael less than two months to find the right gym and close the deal on Live JACKED.

“Buying Live JACKED Training Studio means that I can align my passion for fitness with my business expertise. I love seeing the progress that our clients make whether it’s losing weight or adding strength and conditioning. We have a profound effect on their lifestyle,” says Michael.

Our Goal is Your Goal:

At Live JACKED, we strive for personalized customer excellence. Our client’s fitness goals always come first. The skilled team of Live JACKED personal trainers customize a plan for fitness and nutrition that works with your life demands to help you create a new, healthier lifestyle that gets results in a fun and friendly atmosphere!

Our Mission Revolves Around You:

At Live JACKED, we focus on the whole person. We combine exercise and nutrition in an enjoyable, welcoming environment in order to help our clients lead a longer, healthier LIFESTYLE.

Live JACKED offers personalized fitness training including:

  • Customized personal training
  • Cardiovascular conditioning
  • High-intensity strength training
  • Corrective exercise
  • Bodybuilding training
  • Bikini and figure/ physique competition preparation
  • Metabolic makeovers
  • Nutrition consultation and grocery shopping guidance
  • Supplement guidance
  • Golf performance

If you are looking to lose weight, build muscle and transform to a healthy lifestyle, then its time to #LiveJACKED.

Meet Our Owner:

Name: Salma Kemmou & Jacob Krum

Current location: Phoenix, AZ


Meet Our Trainers

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