How To Stay Fit While Traveling

Bring Your Workout Clothes. Invest in a pair of lightweight Nike Free Trainers that fit nicely in your suitcase or carry-on. Bring your Beats by Dre headphones or earbuds for listening to your favorite music while exercising. I highly recommend you invest in a TRX suspension trainer ( which easily attaches to the door in your hotel room and you can get unlimited amount of strength training exercises out of it. The TRX rocks! There’s even a really cool workout app called TRX Force which you can download to your phone or tablet.

Keep Yourself Hydrated. It’s easy to get dehydrated while flying or on the road, so drink lots of water folks. Pass on the free sugary soda drinks and just ask the flight attendant for nice cold glass of water or soda water.

Hotel Amenities. If you have a hotel room that has a mini fridge and/or kitchenette, use it! Go to local market and buy vegetables, greek yogurt, and fresh fruit, and water. Think ahead, and you can eat way healthier and save a ton of money by eating in your hotel room and not going out to eat every night!

Sleep. If you have a hard time adjusting to new time zones and suffer from jet lag when traveling, be sure to rest when your body feels tired. Don’t go by what time it is in your area. Listen to your body and give it the proper rest it needs. Always try to get in a solid 8 hours of sleep per night and a nap if needed during the day. Avoid staying up late watching TV, if anything fall asleep reading a book.

Plan Your Workout Routine. Wake up a 20-30 minutes earlier than necessary each morning to implement exercise into your day. HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) for at least 20-30 minutes will fire up your metabolism and give you consistent energy throughout the day.

Exercise Inside/Outside. Enjoy and experience the city you’re in by going for a neighborhood walk or run. Ask around ff there are any places nearby (jogging path, stores, etc) and you can walk/jog there instead of requesting UBER for a ride. If you have a gym in your hotel you are staying at, then take advantage of this and get your workouts in first thing in the morning before your meetings and work day start!

You just need to plan ahead. Do some research on where you are staying andf what restaurants, gyms, grocery stores, and amenities surround you. This way you are prepared for when you travel and can keep your workout and healthy eating regimen consistent when on the road.


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