Importance of Physical Activity & Physical Exercise

If you are wanting to optimize your weight loss and having the best shot of keeping the weight off, then you must do more than just eat a healthy, balanced diet. You must implement physical “activity” & physical “exercise” into your game-plan. They sound similar but are two different things and you need to understand their differences.

Physical Activity

Physical activity is general mobility of the body and it begins from the moment you open your eyes and get out of bed, off the sofa, or from wherever you passed out last night LOL to the moment you lie back down to go to sleep. This is part of our everyday routines; taking a shower, brushing your teeth, cleaning the house, going to work, taking the stairs, chasing your children, grocery shopping, and so forth are all ways we naturally keep our bodies moving and is important to weight management but only to a certain degree.

Physical Exercise

Physical exercise is a more structured, planned approach that involves things you enjoy doing like spin-class cycling, yoga, weight-lifting, running, hiking, pilates, etc. These exercise activities are in addition to your everyday life routine. Always be sure to choose something that interests you but challenges you as well. Don’t be afraid to try something new. If you are stuck in the same exercise routine since high school, venture out and try a new group class at your gym or even better, hire a personal trainer to get you motivated and hold you accountable to reach your fitness goals.

Note: If you live in Arizona and seeking to hire a personal trainer be sure to check out our NASM certified personal trainers at our private training studio in Old Town Scottsdale!

Adding physical activity & physical exercise to your daily routine will greatly improve your health and quality of life. Be sure to eat small-portion meals throughout the day consisting of lean proteins, complex carbs, veggies, and healthy fats to assure you fuel your body and mind with all the essential nutrients it needs to function effectively.

Now get going! No Excuses!


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