Using A Foam Roller

Most of you probably heard of or have used a foam roller recently and its a definite love/hate relationship when it comes down to rolling out those tight, sore muscles. Doing the proper exercises and not overdoing it will help your body recover faster and keep those muscles warm and stretched.

Take the time to foam roll as if you would when stretching. Don’t rush through this. It’s like an express deep tissue massage you can do whenever and whereever you want.  Some people are sensitive in certain areas like the IT Band and Hip Flexors (TFL) so proceed to foam roll with caution until you are comfortable with how it feels against your muscles.

You can find a foam roller just about anywhere these days (i.e. Sports Authority, Dick’s Sporting Goods, Big 5, Target, Walmart)

I recommend getting 18″-36″ high density roller. The firmer the better because they tend to wear down over time of use. Usually run you anywhere from $20-$30 and is worth every penny!

Here is a simple, full body foam rolling circuit you can try next time:

1) Mid to Upper Back 2 Min

2) Lats 1 Min/Side

3) Glutes 1 Min/Side

4) Hamstrings 2 Min

5) Calves 2 Min

6) IT Bands 1 Min/Side

7) Hip Flexors (TFL) 1 Min/Side

8) Quads 2 Min

Peform each foam rolling exercise in a smooth controlled manner. When you come across a more sensitive spot or a knot in the muscle, keep pressure on that spot for 30 seconds then continue rolling.

I recommend MFR aka Foam Rolling 1-2x a day. Keeps your muscles feeling good, help prevent injuries and speed up recovery times between your workouts.

Live Jacked.

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