Preventative Health Workshop Focuses on Women’s Health
Live JACKED Training Studio invites Valley residents to learn how to maintain “Super Women” status, to get the support they need to create a healthy lifestyle on September 24, 2016

SCOTTSDALE, AZ – Live JACKED Training Studio, Scottsdale’s premier fitness and lifestyle guidance gym for top local athletes, business executives, young professionals, active adults and valley residents is teaming up with integrative health coach, Crystal Jarvie, to host a Preventative Health Workshop Saturday, September 24, 2016 from 10 a.m. – 11:30 a.m.

Valley residents will learn potential contributors to health issues, 7 ways they can improve their health and how food can change their life. The workshops will be held at Live JACKED Training Studio, located at 4300 N Miller Road, Suite G 105, Scottsdale, AZ 85251. Organized by Crystal Jarvie, owner of HealthStyles 4 You, valley residents will learn and “take-away” from this experience the following:

• How to nourish your body including the food we eat and the choices we make for our lives.
• Everything that we take in is food for our body, mind, and spirit.
• How to find the right balance for ourselves – the key to good health.
• Tips on working out, eating right, and creating harmony
• The relationship between sugar and mood swings – and healthy eating and clarity.

Although both men and women may share some of the same health concerns, there are some that only affect women, or are more likely to affect women. In addition, certain medical conditions may affect woman differently than men, and so they require unique and individual attention. Exhaustion, fatigue, stress, heart disease, depression, digestive distress, mood swings, obesity and breast cancer are all health concerns and medical conditions that affect women.

“My intention with this workshop is to inspire women to create their desired life here and now – and that it is possible,” said Jarvie. “I’ve found not only with my clients, but with the amazing women in my life, many tend to focus on everyone else in their lives –spouses, children, friends, family – first, which results in their own health suffering. My workshop will help give women the tools they need to maintain their superwomen status!”

“As a husband for 34 years and a father of three adult daughters, I have had a First Class seat watching the woman in my life maintain their SuperWoman Status,” said Michael Blake, Owner, Live JACKED Training Studio. It’s so tough to maintain a healthy lifestyle while being pulled in so many different directions. I hope our experiences can help others. At Live JACKED Training Studio 60 percent of our personal training clients are female and 90 percent of our weekly classes are filled with Superwoman. We have a better understanding then most and you can see this by attending this woman focused workshop.”

Get ready to learn more on how you can take an active role in making healthy choices for your current and future health. You’ll learn how to do this during the Preventative Health Workshop through taking positive action for your health and how to incorporate healthier habits for LIFE. Space is limited; cost is $20, save $10 if you pre-register by September 23, 2016. Additionally, each attendee will be entered into a raffle for door prizes at the event. To RSVP, please visit the Facebook event page or call 480.815.1521.

Live JACKED Training Studio has transformed into Scottsdale’s premier fitness and lifestyle guidance program for top medical professionals, business executives, young professionals, active adults, competitors and many other Valley residents who want to take their fitness goals. We strive to make their goals a reality and do it with personalized attention to their needs. We offer personal training, golf performance programs, TRX, and numerous other small group classes. For more information please visit

HealthStyles 4 You, created by Crystal Baus – certified health coach by the Institute for Integrative Nutrition – offers personalized coaching programs that will radically improve your health and happiness. Crystal will listen carefully and help you to navigate the world of contradictory nutrition advice to determine what changes are necessary for you. Crystal will hold you accountable to create habits for a lifetime of balance. Learn more about my training and my unique approach to health coaching, visit

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