Post-Pregnancy Workout Struggle

Let’s face it LADIES… the moment you become a mom everything changes. Not just your body but your whole thought process alone as a mom is something of another planet. “I need to do laundry, but I still have to prepare dinner and run to the grocery store because I am low on diapers and milk. Dinner? Have I even ate a meal yet today? Well at least I had my coffee. Shoot, I wanted to do some cardio today… looks like that won’t be happening. Is that a cry? The baby must be hungry. I’m ready for nap time. Maybe then I can squeeze in a quick shower and change out of this shirt with two day old spit up on it. Nope, never mind baby is awake already! What should I even cook tonight?” Did I eat? LOL.

Get the picture? The post-pregnancy life let alone workout struggle is for REAL! It goes on and on. The more moms we’ve talk to, we’ve learned that no matter how different they may be, no matter what their age is or how many little peanuts they have running around at home, they ALL have the same day to day struggle, lack of energy and time to themselves. They constantly think about how they need sleep, how they need to improve their eating habits, and to exercise regularly! But when? How? Did I mention SLEEP?! Once they’re in “mommy-mode” there is no such thing as time for themselves. Personal time is pretty much extinct, no longer exists! Well at least it seems like that anyway.

Taking care of your body is just as important as anything else you do in life whether you’re homemaker or bread winner because without your health, you will not last and may put yourself at serious health risks down the road from now and then how useful are you at this point? You’re kids will need you later on in life still, its never ending comminittment and if you want to be there for them then you must take care of yourself now! You must make the choice so your children can have the best YOU that you can be for rest of life. Not to mention, the most effective way for our children to learn something is for us to lead by example. Eventually this would become a healthier LIFESTYLE not only for you but for them!

A reasonable approach to getting your eating and body back on track would be to write down those window of times during the day where you have even just 20 minutes to get a meal down or a quick HIIT workout. Quality over quantity when it comes to your exercise and nutrition will be key here being that your consistency will be challenged daily. You can seek an at home personal trainer in your local area that can come to your home for 30min and motivate you to workout and eat right 2-3x a week and then you dont have to worry about taking the kids with or finding a sitter.

If you can get away 2x a week and get out of the house and go see a personal trainer. We have many stay at home Scottsdale moms that workout at Live JACKED Training Studio and get results in just coming 2x week.

No matter how hectic life may get, its important to schedule personal time in your life. It may only be 10-15 min somedays and an hour other days but its about being consistent with those small windows of personal time opportunites that you must capitalize on and get your workouts in or prep some easy to eat foods so when your busy with the kiddos you have already got your workout in and there is food ready to eat in the fridge! Write down your daily schedule and find those windows of opportunity, they’re there!


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